More on Peace…{and a freebie!}

I’m very new to this whole blogging thing.  (I don’t really know what I’m doing actually…lol) But I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to write words.  But right now I’m kinda having a hard time finding them.

I had lots of words the first day I started this.  The first day of a new year…the first day I claimed the word “PEACE” as my word for this year, as the one thing I’m clinging to, striving for, trusting God with.

But now the words are harder to find.

Just a few hours after that post…not even a full day into my new year of Peace…we get a phone call that has broken my heart.  My (ex) sister-in-law died suddenly…unknown reasons…just died.

She is the one who had a tough life.  She is the one I tried to share Christ with…the one who had questions and was searching, but who was never ready to take that step (that I know of)…the one I sent books to and had conversations with and sent messages to, telling her about Jesus and how much He loves her.  Until she and my brother-in-law got a divorce and communication faded and I felt like she pushed me away and closed the door…and I let her.

She’s the one with six children who are now without a mother.  Six children ages 2-17 whose lives just changed and whose hearts just broke. Five of those children are my blood family…my brother-in-law’s children who we just spend this past weekend with. And now they don’t have a mom.

My heart is broken for them.

Where is the peace in this?

I am fighting these feelings of regret…for not taking more chances to reach out to her, to share God’s love with her, to bring her to Jesus.

Where is the peace in this?

And God whispers to my heart…in the middle of all the hurt and the pain and regret…Peace is where is always is…in Him. In Christ.

I don’t have to have words.  I don’t have to understand.  I just have to trust.  Trust in WHO He is.

God is always good.  And I am always loved.  And those sweet children whose hearts are breaking…He always loves them too.

God is the master of taking bad, hard things and redeeming them…flipping them around and making something good come out.

The story is not over.  God is still writing.  He has a plan for each of these children, and He has a plan for their family.  As He does for every family that experiences loss, and hurt, and sadness, and pain.

It’s hard to have peace in the middle of pain.  It’s hard to have peace when there is so much hurt in this broken world.

Where is the peace in all of this?

Peace is where is always is.  In Jesus.

So today I am hanging this verse on my wall, and I am making space in the pace, and in the pain, for His peace to rule my heart:

Peace verse 8x10

{and I’m sharing this little graphic with you if you’d like to print it too…just click on the image and it should take you to the PDF version which you can save and print!}

And in case you don’t like the “chalkboard” background…here’s a white version:


Side note: I love how this verse that begins about peace ends with the words “and always be thankful”  As I go through this year, I’m curious to see how thankfulness may be directly related to this peace that I am seeking.  I’m pretty sure it all ties together and works together…and thankfulness is a critical part of it. (But that’s another subject for another post… 😉 )

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