Snow Day

I haven’t sat down to write in several days.  Lots going on around here…including crazy winter weather that brought SNOW to our little house here in central Georgia!!

I know it’s not much compared to the blizzards and mountains of snow the beautiful northern states get every year…but around here, 2 inches of snow is rare and exciting and a big deal.  The last time it snowed this much here was about 4 years ago… (The pictures below are from February, 2010):




The girls were so little!  And so was that cute little puppy…hard to believe this is that same silly dog now:

The girls don’t really remember that snow day four years ago.  But they were sure excited this week when school was cancelled because of the impending snow heading our way.  They waited by the window all day Tuesday.  I can’t even tell you how many times I was asked “when will it start snowing??”  It didn’t start falling until after they had fallen asleep that night, but the next morning brought squeals of delight as they looked outside and saw the yard covered in white.  It really was beautiful. 

{We even made a little snowman!}

We have thoroughly enjoyed our snow days…but today the ice and snow began to melt away.  Our little snowman looked pretty sad tonight.  And so did the girls as they resumed their regular early bedtime to rest up for school…life will resume as normal tomorrow.

This week did not go like I had planned.  I didn’t have “snow days” penciled in on my calendar, at all.  My daily routine was put on hold…checklists were put to the side…lots of things did not get done.  But as I look back I am so thankful for this week…this little break in the routine, this unexpected and complete slowing down.  The snow days that slowed us down…made us stop…gave us time, together.

I’m still working on that whole slowing down thing…making space in the pace…finding peace.

I wonder…I wonder if sometimes God has to send a “snow day” into my life just to make me stop.   Not literally snow necessarily, but sometimes He sends something rare and unexpected to shut down the busyness in my life, to slow me down enough to pay attention.

The snow this week got our attention.  It stopped everything around here…schools, businesses, roads.   Things that seemed so important and pressing ended up not being as urgent as they seemed…after all, it was SNOWING in middle Georgia!  Who knows when this will happen again…it’s exciting…we didn’t want to miss a minute of it! (Yes, we are silly crazy when it snows here…and I’m ok with that 😉 ).  So we went outside, we played in the snow, we built a snowman, we had a snowball fight.  We cuddled up under blankets and watched movies, we made hot chocolate and spent so much time just gazing out of the windows at the crazy white that covered the ground.  We had so much fun!  Those snow days are now special family memories…they were just what we needed, even if we didn’t plan it or expect it.

Not every day can be a snow day (not here in Georgia anyway 😉 )…and we can’t totally stop everything every day.  But we can slow down…we can look for “snow day” moments and capture them, embrace them.  Because sometimes the unexpected things become the most beautiful things, and the unplanned moments make the sweetest memories.

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