Mini Mailbox Makeover

DIY Mini Mailbox Makeover {for Valentine's Day}

I’m making some final preparations for our Family Valentine’s Day Dinner tomorrow {read all the details about our Valentine’s Day family tradition, and snag that “Love One Another” printable, in this post from the other day}.

One of my favorite things we do for this family night is our Love Note Exchange.  We’ve been using these little metal mailboxes every year to deliver our notes to one another:

I found them for just $1 each at Target in that little dollar spot area.  (Tip: if you want to grab some, try going after Valentine’s Day…they usually mark them 50% off, so you can snag some mailboxes for super cheap!)

This year I wanted to give our little mailboxes a little update.  This little DIY was super easy…and I love how they turned out.  Here’s what I did:

First, I had a budget of, oh, $0….so I rummaged through all of my old, leftover craft supplies to see if I had anything I could use to give the mailboxes a little height.  I found these:

I had previously used these little wooden pieces as little cupcake stands for Emma’s birthday party a couple of years ago:

They worked great as little cupcake stands, but I figured if I flipped them around and painted them, they’d make great little mailbox stands 🙂

So I painted them blue, and glued them together like this:

Then I decided to paint the little flag on the mailbox to match the stand:

Because I used regular acrylic craft paint (because it’s what I had), I had to add a layer of mod podge on top of the paint so that it wouldn’t scratch off easily (you can use any kind of acrylic sealer…or a paint that is intended to work on plastic 😉 ).

Then I just hot glued the little mailboxes on top of the little wooden stands:

Next, I drilled some holes in the “door” of the mailbox so I could add a little pull to make the mailboxes easier to open.

Notice how amazingly lined up my holes are…lol 😉  I am terrible about just eyeballing things and not taking the time to measure or make things level…my eyeballs were very uneven on this one 😉  (It didn’t really end up mattering…you can’t tell once I added the fabric strips)

Next I cut some little strips of fabric from some scrap fabric I had.

(I used this same fabric when I made the “LOVE” bunting/banner for the living room – you can see it HERE).

Then I just pulled the fabric strips (4 strips total, 2 of each pattern) through the holes that I drilled in the mailbox doors:

Then I just tied them in a simple knot and put the doors on the mailboxes.

DIY Mini Mailbox Makeover {for Valentine's Day}

After painting our names on the sides of the mailboxes, they were done!

I love our little mailboxes…they are going to look super cute on our table for our Family Valentine’s Day Dinner tomorrow!  Now to get busy filling them with notes and treats for one another!

DIY Mini Mailbox Makeover {for Valentine's Day}

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