A Resurrection Perspective



Today I am taking down our Jesus Tree, packing away the ornaments and all our Easter decorations.  I sigh a little as I pack each thing up…sad to see this beautiful season end, wondering what we’re going to do next.  But then I remind myself that Easter is not really over…it’s never really over.  That’s the beauty and the wonder and the glory of what Easter was…what Easter is.   Easter is the celebration of the Resurrection…but every day we get to live the beauty of the Resurrection…every. day.

Jesus is Risen.  In Him, we have new life…abundant life.  Because of His resurrection we have hope…broken things can be mended, painful things can birth hope, dead things can be given life…and ALL things can be counted as grace.

And yet…how many days do I live like He’s still on that cross, or in that tomb?  How many days do I teeter on the edge of depression and fear and anxiety, overwhelmed by the circumstances that surround me, unable or unwilling to see beyond the emotions and the pressures of the moment?  How many days do I live as though I’ve forgotten what He said and what He did?  How many times do I forget the hope that I have in Him…how many times do I allow the noise of the world around me to drown out His still small voice inside me…how many times do I fail to embrace the power of His resurrection in my every day life?

How many?  Too many.

Angie Smith said it this way, “I often live my life like a spectator to His death instead of a witness to His resurrection.”

It’s true.  There are far too many days I pray to God as though I have no hope, as if He doesn’t hear me.  There are way too many times that I allow the circumstances around me to cloud my thinking and control my emotions and my reactions.

But Jesus is not dead.  He conquered the grave, defeated sin, crushed the enemy, and is alive today so I can live every day in the power and the beauty and the hope of His resurrection.

I want to embrace each day in light of His resurrection, knowing that in Him ALL things are working together for His ultimate glory and for my ultimate good.  Having a resurrection perspective means that there is always hope in my heart, and there is always thanks on my lips.  Because everything truly is grace, a gift from the One who loved me so much that He died for me and then rose back to life for me.

I love how Ann Voskamp has written it out as an anthem of praise, an anthem of hope:


May this be my song every day as I move past Easter and onto whatever is next…


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