Inspiration Monday

Well….I may not have written any other posts since last Monday (the week didn’t exactly go as planned 😉 )…but here’s another installment of my “Inspiration Monday”…just a few things that are inspiring me this week:

Last week, my dad brought me a bunch of tree stumps that have been drying out for almost a year at his house…and I am just about beside myself with excitement over all the project possibilities sitting on my front porch right now!!  These pictures from Pinterest are inspiring me with some ideas (click on image to go to Pinterest pin):

This post by The Nester over at (in)courage
“If I want to be in community, if I want to have friends, I have no choice but to invite them in right where I am.”  
Community makes me nervous…inviting people into my life, right where I am, honestly scares me a little.  I tend to withdraw and keep to myself, waiting for others to invite me into their lives but rarely going out of my way to invite anyone into mine.  This post reminded me that if I want community, if I want real and genuine friendships, I need to do some inviting…let people in, invite people over, open the doors of my home and my heart.  I need to remember this.


This state map, which I found here on Pinterest.  I’m thinking I could make one of Georgia and use it to mark all the State Parks and places we visit and explore as a family.

This homemade Funfetti Candle {tutorial found here}.  This candle just looks fun…and it smells like a cupcake! I mean, how awesome is that?!

mason jar solar lightsMason Jar Solar Lights!  I actually made some of these last summer, but I want to make a few more…and I really like this simple tutorial I found here.  I already bought some $1 solar lights at Walmart a few weeks ago, and I have a ton of jars…so I see this project coming together very soon!


Spaghetti BoatsSpaghetti Boats – idea found on – I’m thinking these will be the perfect way to use up leftover spaghetti!

peanut butter banana quesadillasPeanut Butter & Banana Quesadillas – saw this idea on Pinterest…thinking I’ll try them this week!


This second set of Jesus Project memory verses, from Ann Voskamp.  {You can download and print your free set of 24 verses at the bottom of Ann’s post HERE}

I can’t wait to commit all of these beautiful verses to memory:


That’s all I have for inspiration today!  What’s inspiring you lately?

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