Pursuing Peace…layer by layer



Whew….what a day!

Day two of this little writing challenge, and yet again I am squeezing this post in late at night, only just now finding time to sit down and actually type up some words.  It seems everything is working against me here, and against this whole pursuit of peace.  Kids and homework and projects and tests, errands and cleaning and laundry and dogs eating mice (yeah…for real). Oh, and my computer decided to go completely spastic for several hours and completely crash on me (my amazing tech-savvy hero husband worked his magic and got it back up and running…thankfully!)  Sigh….it has been a crazy day, and honestly I’d rather just crawl into bed and call it a day.  But I’m making myself sit here and type out a few thoughts.  And since it’s still technically day two, and I’ve still technically written for two days in a row, I’m calling it a success…I’m on a roll! 😉

It probably would have helped if I had planned this thing out and at least halfway knew what I was going to write about 😉  But I decided to do this challenge the day before it began, and so I’m just going to wing it here for now.  I have no real plan for this series…no posts pre-written…no outline of how I’d like to tackle this topic of peace. (Although this weekend I’m planning on sitting down and at least organizing my thoughts a little better 😉 )

All I have really is a few pages of jumbled-up notes…random phrases, a little list of verses to study, some scattered questions, and a few disconnected thoughts.

I’m not even really sure where to start.

I have a feeling that this month will be a bit like peeling back the layers of an onion (but without all the tears.  Although, those who know me know that I can be quite emotional (wait, what?! me?! 😉 yeah…)…so I’m sure that there will probably be some tears at some point along the way 😉 ).

But layers.  This will be like layers.  31 little layers.

Each day I’ll just write a little layer…and hopefully uncover a little thought, a little truth, a little idea…and add another thin layer of understanding.  And maybe by the end I’ll have a clearer picture, a better understanding, a firmer grasp on this peace that my soul so desperately longs for.

Today, in the middle of the crazy, I was looking up some verses about peace.  And it made me wonder how many verses in the Bible mention peace in some way or another.  So I looked it up.

In the ESV, it is found 361 times.
In the NIV, it is found 249 times.
In the NLT, it is found 362 times.
In the KJV, it is found…get this…420 times!

That’s a lot of peace.  It’s actually more than I expected.

Here are just a few of the phrases I jotted down as I scrolled through the pages and pages of verses with the word “peace”:

“go in peace” ~ “peace be with you” ~ “sacrifice peace offerings” ~ “covenant of peace” ~ “peace with God” ~ “the God of peace” ~ “the Good News of peace” ~ “The Lord is Peace” ~ “I come in peace” ~ “return in peace” ~ “speak peace” ~ “seek peace” ~ “plan peace” ~ “Prince of Peace” ~ “perfect peace” ~ “a peaceful habitation” ~ “be at peace with one another” ~ “that in me you may have peace” ~ “Peace! Be still!” ~ “my peace I give to you” ~ “peace through Jesus Christ” ~ “enjoy much peace” ~ “the way of peace” ~ “live in peace” ~ “the bond of peace” ~ “peaceful fruit of righteousness” ~ etc, etc, etc…

There’s just so much there…I know there are some amazing truths to uncover as I dig deeper each day.  I’m looking forward to slowly peeling back the layers, to uncovering what is at the heart of this ever-elusive peace.

But for now, I think I will find a little peace through some rest…my blankets and pillows are calling my name 😉

Until tomorrow…wishing you a peaceful night!

31 Days of Peace

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